Field Services

Big Bear AggieTech takes pride in our service equipment which includes multiple locations with large cranes, tandems, bucket trucks, dump trucks and backhoes and smaller conventional bearing trucks. BBAT provides a variety of Field Services that range from installing belts on a unit to repairing gearboxes to setting a 912 pumping unit. Welders are also equipped on many of our bearing trucks to provide an all-inclusive service to our customers. The added equipment saves our customers time and money by eliminating the need to hire a welding contractor to repair field welding jobs on pumping units.

With our plasma cutters, complex shapes like belt guards and safety rails are no problem. Building universal saddles and tails to replace some of the not so common bearings on those rare pumping units is our specialty!

Refurbished Pumping Units

Big Bear AggieTech has an inventory of pumping units stocked in two locations to be refurbished. Refurbished units can be made ready as requested by customers. With the many contacts BBAT has in the oil industry, pumping units of many different sizes and styles can be refurbished and repaired to meet any customer's needs. All units are re-built, painted and safety tipped according to customer's request. With our own haul trucks and service units we can also pick up, refurbish, and install customer supplied units. Click here to see our current inventory.

Pumping Unit Bases

Extensive engineering and resources were used to develop a pumping unit base that will be universal throughout the oilfield. BBAT invested in multiple sizes of base pans that would use the tried and true "pipe tie-down" style of base which uses a drill pipe tie down for long service life. The pipe tie-down system allows the pumping unit service crew to be flexible in installing the base tie-downs by giving them multiple locations to secure the unit as needed. The old system of already established tie-down points as installed by other base manufactures limits the ability to adjust the unit. Our bases range in size from a 16' single pipe base to a long 36' double pipe base with 48", 54" or 56" widths. Contact us for any special base needs.

Standard Field Services (at all locations)
  • Prep, deliver and set new units
  • Move and set pumping units
  • Bearing repair
  • Gearbox repair
  • Gearbox reseal
  • Gearbox oil changes
  • Align pumping units with well bores
  • Stroke changes
  • Strokes per minute changes
  • Sheaves changes
  • Install/change electric motors (we cannot connect power to motors)
  • Bridle repairs
  • Pumping unit hauling
  • Boring and sleeve crank holes
  • Steam clean units (per hour)
  • Sandblast and paint units
  • Pumping unit inspections
Special Field Services include:
  • Changing polish rod liners
  • Laying down heater treaters
  • Setting heater treaters
  • Installing load cells
  • Unloading and setting tanks*
    • Due to the special permitting and lack of tank equipment, BBAT does not provide equipment to move tanks.
North (Sundown) Location Special field services
  • Roustabout crews
  • Dump trucks
  • Backhoes