The Oil & Gas Industry has created high demands for the production & service companies to get that “Black Gold” out of the ground and to the surface as quickly as possible. 

Due to that demand there have been many people, locally and from abroad, get hired with the production companies and service companies with little or no experience in the oil industry.

The pumping unit is one of the many different types of artificial lift in the industry.  Many people are not aware or understand the dangers involved with working around a pumping unit.

Big Bear AggieTech has taken pride in providing a “Pumping Unit Safety & Observation” class to assist service companies as well as production companies train their new employees.

The training teaches employees the following:
  • Pumping Unit Safety
  • Parts of a Pumping Unit
  • Lock Out/Tag Out
  • Secondary Brake Device(s)
  • Possible Dangers
Observation and preventing catastrophic failures are also discussed and show the following:
  • Unit Alignment
  • Base Alignment
  • Pumping Unit Noises
  • Bearing Failure Indicators
  • Wrist Pin Failure Indicators

The classes can be taught at the local BBAT Training Center or at a location of our Customers choosing.  Along with the class, Big Bear AggieTech will feed the customers requesting the safety presentation.