Since 1925, pumping units have been in use for artificial lift production of oil. Many different styles and types of pumping units have evolved and Big Bear AggieTech takes pride in its ability to service all styles and models of pumping units and pumping unit equipment. With highly experienced and trained personnel, we provide a wide range of services including servicing all types of domestic and foreign manufacture pumping units.

Machine Shop & Bearing Repair Services

Our Machine shops, with 30, 20, 10 and 5 Ton hoists and multiple presses ranging from 70-680 tons, are some of the largest in West Texas. Gearbox repairs of any size are no issue for our machine shops. Our shops can repair all types of craters and fabricate parts as needed.  

The machine shops are equipped with manual lathes, boring mills and drill presses. A state of the art HAAS CNC machine in our Midland shop assists our bearing mechanics and machinists in having a low down time for our customer’s repaired pumping unit parts. Our shops repair gearboxes, structural bearings and fabricate low mount and high mount skids as needed.

With strategically located warehouses stocked with bearings, seals and other components, we can quickly repair structure bearings. The quick turn-a-round in getting pumping unit structure bearings repaired assists our customer’s in maintaining optimum oil production with a low LOE due to low down-time on their wells.

Shop Services (At Sundown and Midland locations)
  • Pumping unit machine work
  • Straighten walking beams
  • Unit craters
  • Refurbish used pumping units
  • Gear box press work
  • Fabricate belt guards
  • Sandblast and Paint units
  • Convert units to or from high or low prime
  • Fabricate guardrails
  • Fabricate safety ladders
  • Make concrete bases for pumping units (various sizes)
  • Rebuild/replace bearings
  • Custom machine work
  • Fabricate pumping unit skids