Special Services

Special pumping unit parts and items can be fabricated in our shop using our highly experienced welders and fabricators and state of the art equipment. Unit conversions from hi-prime to low-prime can be handled within our shop with ease. Pumping unit skids that have deteriorated due to the environment or high concentrations of H2S can also be replaced and made like new in our Fab shop.

We also specialize in custom welding, fabrication and machine shop work.  With more than a dozen welders and fabricators working out of two locations custom fabrication is not a problem.  Our welders use state of the art mig welders and plazma cutters.  Welding on location is also available on some of our field trucks.

Not only can we handle special welding projects but our two machine shops located in Sundown, Texas and Midland Texas can also handle machine work from small one off pieces (smaller than 2 inches) to large one off pieces as large as 6 feet long.  We have made machine pieces for everything from down hole wire line to off road vehicles and hunting buggies.  Contact us today for your next project!