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AggieTech Energy Services LLC is your premier source for artificial lift services. Most oil wells do not contain the level of pressure necessary to bring oil to the surface without additional stimulation. Artificial lifts are used to increase pressure within the reservoir of a well when its energy drive is too weak to naturally raise oil. It can be set up from the very beginning or added once some time has passed and the well’s inherent pressure has begun to deplete. Artificial lift offers a means of recovering greater production for oilfields and is used on nearly every well in the nation. To get the most out of your operations, contact us today about our artificial lifts. We operate in Midland, TX; Odessa, TX; Lubbock, TX; Pecos, TX; Hobbs, NM; Carlsbad, NM; Artesia, NM and areas nearby.

Pumping Systems & Gas Lifts

There are several methods of artificial lift which can be used, but typically they fall into one of two categories: pumping systems or gas lifts. Common types of the former include progressive cavity pumping, reciprocating and jet hydraulic pumping, and electrical submersible pumping. The majority of U.S. oil wells are lifted with sucker-rod pumps, which employ a walking beam and pivotal Sampson post.

The key to realizing the maximum profit potential from your well is to employ the most economical method of achieving artificial lift. Making this selection depends on a number of factors, such as operator experience, installation limitations of certain areas, lifting depth, the desired rate of production, initial vs. operating costs, and more. Often, the type of artificial lift which has worked successfully for similar fields can provide a baseline, as environmental considerations tend to be a primary concern.

Pump Jacks Available

Our company’s artificial lift experts will help you determine the ideal approach for your operation and get your system set up efficiently. We will take into account your well’s current and future pressure levels and productivity. For quality artificial lift services in Texas and New Mexico, and beyond, trust the team at AggieTech Energy Services LLC!

Using a pump jack allows you to take advantage of low operating costs. These devices can be monitored remotely, removing the need for someone to man it. At AggieTech Energy Services LLC, we can help refurbish your pumping units. Contact us today for services in Odessa, TX; Artesia, NM; Pecos, TX; Lubbock, TX; Midland, TX; Hobbs, NM; Carlsbad, NM and nearby areas. We also offer pump jacks and patriot pumping units.