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In the oil industry, there are a lot of devices, one being the pump jack. This device is used to physically extract crude oil from an oil well. When there is not enough pressure in the well to force the oil to the surface, the pump jack creates an artificial lift. This increases the pressure inside the oil well, pulling the oil up.

It's not uncommon for oil wells to need assistance from pump jacks. Some oil reservoirs have insufficient pressure and need the push. In some cases, a reservoir may have the pressure it needs from the beginning, but it decreases over time. Pump jacks would be installed to help boost and maintain the production.

How do pump jacks operate?

Just like a hand pump on a water well, pump jacks operate on the same system. They are installed above and below ground to push the oil to the surface. A long, heavy beam is moved by a power source causing the end of the beam to rise and fall. Located at the end of the beam are sucker rods that dip into the well as the pump jack is moving. Sucker rods are connected to sucker rod pumps. These are installed near the bottom of the well and act like a piston. They help increase the pressure in the well and push oil to the surface. Located at the other end of the heavy beam is a pulley system, providing continuous movement of the pump jack.

Once the pump jack is in motion, the oil is sent into pipes where it is placed into containers and sent to refining stations. On average, pump jacks can pump about twenty times a minute. Depending on the size, they can produce 1.5 to 10.5 gallons with each stroke. Weight and depth of the oil will determine the size of pump you many need on your property.

Using a pump jack allows you to take advantage of low operating costs. These devices can be monitored remotely, removing the need for someone to man it. At AggieTech Energy Services LLC, we can help refurbish your pumping units. Contact us today for services in Odessa, TX; Denver, CO; Artesia, NM; Pecos, TX; Lubbock, TX; Midland, TX; Hobbs, NM; Oklahoma City, OK; Carlsbad, NM; Houston, TX and nearbyareas. We also offer artificial lifts and patriot pumping units