New Units

Starting in early 2010, AggieTech Energy Services began importing and selling the Champion line of pumping units through our partnership with Pumping Unit Resources (PUR). From that time, the Champion pumping unit has proven itself as an industry leader with over 3,500+ set and a manufactures workmanship warranty rate less than 1.5%. In 2014, AggieTech, along with our partners at PUR, agreed to sell PUR to Schlumberger. AggieTech remained a master distributor for the Champion pumping unit until December 2018 when we requested and were mutually released from our contract with Schlumberger, opening the opportunity for AggieTech to again deal directly with our plant and import the unit we trust. Because we were not able to keep the Champion brand name, AggieTech rebranded the unit as the Patriot. The name may have changed but the manufacturer, quality, performance, and integrity remain the exact same down to the nuts and bolts!

The Patriot pumping unit is engineered and manufactured to compete head-to-head with all major brands in the industry. It is designed to deliver high performance and affordable artificial lift solutions to meet oil field operators demands. The API gear reducer is a proven model of quality design and the API Certified double-helical involute gears exceed the maximum load capacities of competitive units. The Patriot meets the highest standard of quality and reliability in accordance with APT and ISO specifications.

Refurbished Units

AggieTech offers fully refurbished units of all shapes, sizes, and models. All refurbished units come with a 1-year warranty. With our in-house fabrication and machine shops, custom additions, changes, and conversions can be performed as well. To see a full list of our available refurbished units, click here.

Concrete Bases

AggieTech offers pumping unit concrete bases. The bases are made in-house and can be produced in various sizes up to 30 feet.