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Since 1925, pumping units have been used for artificial lift production of oil. Over the years, many different styles and types of pumping units have evolved and AggieTech takes pride in its ability to service all styles and models. With highly experienced and trained personnel, we provide a wide range of services including servicing all types of domestic and foreign manufactured pumping units. We offer our services in Denver, CO; Midland, TX; Oklahoma City, TX; Odessa, TX; Artesia, NM; Houston, TX; Hobbs, NM; Pecos, TX; Houston, TX; Artesia, NM and nearby areas.

Shop Services

AggieTech’s Machine Shop is equipped with a variety of equipment including hoists, presses, lathes, and mills allowing us to provide a wide array of services.

The Machine Shop in Midland is also equipped with a state-of-the-art HAAS CNC machine, allowing our bearing mechanics and machinists to satisfy our customers’ needs in a timely manner.

Shop Services:

  • Pumping unit service
  • Bearing repair service
  • Walking beam repairs
  • Custom machine work
  • Unit craters
  • Refurbish used pumping units
  • Gearbox press work
  • Fabricate belt guards
  • Sandblast and paint units
  • Convert units to or from high or low prime
  • Fabricate guardrails
  • Artificial Lifts
  • Fabricate safety ladders
  • Make concrete bases for pumping units (various sizes)
  • Fabricate pumping unit skids

Field Services

AggieTech has multiple locations strategically positioned that provide a variety of field services ranging from setting pumping units to installing belts and sheaves to repairing bearings and gearboxes.

AggieTech’s service fleet includes large cranes, tandems, bucket trucks, dump trucks, and other field equipment at our various locations.

Field Services:

  • Pumping unit field service
  • Prepare, deliver, and set new pumping units
  • Move and set pumping units
  • Gearbox repair and reseal
  • Gearbox oil changes
  • Pumping unit alignment
  • Stroke and stroke per minute changes
  • Sheave changes
  • Installation and change of electric motors
  • Bridle repair
  • Pumping unit hauling
  • Bore and sleeve crank holes
  • Sandblast and paint units
  • Polish rod liner changes
  • Lay down and set heater treaters
  • Installation of load cells

Inspection Services

AggieTech provides pumping unit inspection services throughout the Permian Basin and Southeastern New Mexico. We understand pumping units are important to your business and we want to help keep them running.

Our goal is to provide a quality and thorough inspection to aid in the prevention of pumping unit failures. Aggietech has a team of experienced individuals that provide a preventative maintenance program to ensure equipment is running effectively and efficiently.

Field Inspection Services:
  • Includes fully equipped bucket truck with an experienced pumping unit inspection team
  • Gather information and assess on pumping unit’s condition and upper wellhead equipment
  • Use of Xtreme Multi-Purpose Hi-Temp lubricating grease to evaluate bearings on the pumping unit
  • Upon request, inspection team may provide minor preventative maintenance labor such as aligning horses head, electric motor adjustments, tightening structural bolts and/or tie downs to the cement base, adjusting/repairing brake assemblies, and replacing grease lines and/or zerts
Administrative Inspection Services:
  • Keep updated lists of leases and status of well
  • Use of TotalRod Well Management software to input and collect information from field inspection reports
  • Provide a timeline of when inspections will be complete
  • Maintain detailed inspection reports including priority lists for pumping units needing repair, along with estimated cost of repairs
    • PDF files of inspection reports provided
    • Hard-copy binders also available upon request
    • Microsoft Excel spreadsheets to provide summarized list of wells and basic pumping unit information from inspection report

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AggieTech Energy strives to offer a variety of services and products for businesses big and small. Our professionals have years of experience can work with you to find the right product or service to keep your business running. If you have anymore questions about any of our services or products give us a call, we'll be happy to assist.